Thursday, October 15, 2009

CLM Expands Internationally - Venice, Italy

We are exited to announce that CLM Weddings has partnered with a company who is based in Venice, Italy.

Cashmere – Weddings & More was founded in 2008 and it is based in Dolo, in the Riviera del Brenta close to Venice, a unique place where past and present mix together to create an exclusive atmosphere that we love to spread all over our events.

Our mission is to give our customers the same comfortable sensation as a
cashmere sweater gives: make them feel totally relaxed and at ease. We do it with passion, reliability, capability and professionalism.

Cashmere – Weddings & More goal is to create a customer-based event, according to our clients’ needs, dreams, desires and cultures: your event should portray yourselves, it will mirror yourselves.

Elena has almost a 10-years experience in event planning and she has been working with many different cultures and religions: she is used to taking nothing for granted and to caring in a very serious way for every customers’ need.

Elena graduated at the University of Padova with a M.A. in Communication Studies. She did ballet for more than 9 years and recently she started to study flamenco, she is currently part of a flamenco dance company.

Elena lives in Padova, a beautiful Medieval city close to Venice, but she loves to spend time in her parent’s country house in Riviera del Brenta, where she can give vent to her passions: gardening and dogs, she has a Bernese Mountain Dog named Pedro.

A warm cashmere sweater is embracing and unique for those who possess it.
In the same way, Cashmere - Weddings & More designs and realizes all the important events of your lifetime with the same flawless care with which this precious fabric is spun.

We assist you in every detail, from the beginning until the end, always keeping in mind that it is your day and that you are the protagonist.

Our services are: complete wedding and event planning, creative consulting, styling and decorations, floral design, food styling, fashion styling, gifts and guests favors. We assist you with unlimited wedding planning hours, emails, calls or fax.

We turn your issues into our solutions.

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