Wednesday, October 14, 2009


A fun way to jazz up your weddings is to use patterns instead of sticking to solids. Patterns are great when used alone or when used along side solid colors.

A great way to incorporate patterns in your ceremony is to use them in your attire. Wear polka dot shoes or used patterned fabric to wrap the stems of the bouquets. Have the men of the bridal party wear patterned ties. Not only will they look great, it will give the guests a sneak peak to the reception.

Make a bold statement at your cocktail hour or reception by draping your tables in patterned linen. It's a good idea to choose a few tables to use the pattern linen on because using patterned linen on every table can be overwhelming. Using a few select tables will make the affect more dramatic.

Patterns make bold statement. Don't be afraid to use them! Checkerboard is great if the two of you love to go on picnics. Animal print will show off your love of animals or your wild side. It's your wedding! Go for it!

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