Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Your Style, Your Wedding

Whether you're known for your love of designer clothes or for your extensive Vera Bradley bag collection, both of these loves allow for a wide variety of design ideas for your wedding.

While it might a little out of your budget to use actual Louis Vuitton or Gucci items as part of your decor, using the color scheme from your favorite designers is fantastic way to add to your decor. Use the recognizable gold and brown of Louis Vuitton as your table linen or bridesmaids dresses. A Louis Vuitton luggage cake is also a fun option.

To showcase your love of classic Coco Chanel, hang strands of pearls over the back of the chairs, incorporate them into your centerpieces or showcase them on your cake.

Pick your favorite Vera Bradley print and use that as your napkins or placemats. Draw out colors from that print to help choose your flowers, cake and other decor. The Puccini print is a great inspiration for a wedding. Pair a tangerine table runner with a dark brown table linen. Use with copper chargers and white flowers to add a little contrast while watermelon napkins finish the look.
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